Select individuals on our staff have undergone specialized training in abdominal ultrasound scanning. Previously we needed to schedule a specialist to come in to perform the scan. What this means for you is an increased flexibility in scheduling an ultrasound; often it can be done same day. We perform the scan here, then electronically send the images to a company that uses board-certified radiologists, internal medicine specialists and ultrasound specialists to provide interpretation. If the case is an emergency, we can often get the results back within 4 hours and get your pet on the road to further diagnostics and treatment. We use ultrasound as one of our many diagnostic choices along with labwork and radiographs; the great thing about ultrasound is it can tell us so much, yet it is non-invasive and comfortable for your pet. Most of the time we do use some sedation so that your pet is nice and relaxed, and we can perform the scan more quickly.

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